I was listening to Cortex on a New Year’s Day run wherein the hosts were talking about themes. Themes for a year or a season can help keep one’s mind on the most important things. This podcast was at least the second time I’ve listened to Myke and CPG Grey talk about themes, but something clicked for me this time.

Barely five minutes into the podcast, I already knew what my theme was. I knew because I’d already written down something earlier in the day. I knew because something has been growing in my awareness of God’s presence and will.


That’s all I’m going to say about it for today, 1 January 2019. I’ll explain more as I read and experience this ministry of love in the days ahead. I’m rereading Dr. Kinlaw’s book on intercession before turning my attention to other resources and, of course, prayer. I’ll leave it to say that Dr. Kinlaw shows that intercession cannot be done without love for another; a self-giving love that can only come from our Triune Creator God. I’m coming at this with a lot of enthusiasm and very little wisdom or experience, but I’m trusting God to lead me “further up and further in!”