It's Back

I let this domain expire about four years ago and on a whim decided to see if it was still available. It was. So, I purchased it to see if I might give blogging another go. I've got a pretty poor history with blogging including several failed ones (free accounts, mostly), but with a lot of the writing I've been doing, I need an outlet and I wanted to put my money where my mouth is. Mostly.

I'm a pastor and this great post on why pastors should blog has influenced me back in the direction of regular writing and blogging.
If you’re a pastor, you probably already know the value writing has for thinking. Through writing, you delve into new ideas and new insights. If you strive to write well, you will at the same time be striving to think well.

Then when you share new ideas and new insights, readers can come along with you wherever your good writing and good thinking bring you.

There is no better way to simply and quickly share your writing than by maintaining a blog. And if you’re serious about your blog, it will help you not only in your thinking, but in your discipline as well, as people begin to regularly expect quality insight from you.

So, there you go. I paid, I got my domain back, and I'm going to attempt to write. Again.