There is so much going on this summer. I'm excited and a little scared. I'm preaching on whole books this summer starting this Sunday with Genesis. Yep. The whole book of Genesis in 20 minutes. I haven't been this excited about a sermon in a long time. I think the excitement comes from having the opportunity to show people that the Old Testament is a boring prelude to the New Testament but a vital piece to understanding just how awesomely unbelievable God is and how we don't have to flip pages until we get to Matthew to see Jesus. Stephen Covey said to begin with the end in mind in his best-selling book and that's what I get to do in Genesis. Exciting, I tell you!

Today I launched a new newsletter for the church that I had a blast planning out and designing. Still need a good name for it, but it was fun to write nonetheless.

I'm starting a DMin program called Beeson Pastor Program in August. Well, technically I've already started. I had 16 weeks to read 19 required books. I'm on my way toward completion and I've got two classes I'm taking from July 29-August 24. Can't wait.