A Book Recommendation for Wesleyan-minded People

This isn't a book review but it is a recommendation. The reason it's not a review is that I need to reread it. No, I must reread this book. The book is Prayer: Bearing the World as Jesus Did by Dennis Kinlaw who is one of the founders of the Francis Asbury Society and former president of Asbury College (now University). I would rank Dr. Kinlaw as the most influential Christian in my life even though we've never met. I've read nearly all his books (I'm working through two right now) and I've downloaded for free a slew of his sermons from Sermon Index. No one I know has challenged my thinking and my heart the way this man has and I thank God for his witness.

I would have purchased this new book for no other reason than the fact that Dr. Kinlaw wrote it. I had an additional reason which was that I wanted someone I felt I could trust to instruct me in the life of prayer, especially since I felt like I was in another dry spell. I got instructed all right; I found out pretty quickly that the problem wasn't a dry spell but the state of my heart. This book is probably the best and clearest explanation of entire sanctification that I've read in my life and I've read a few being a son of Asbury Seminary. Dr. Kinlaw's book challenged my mind and moved my heart. I could sense the work of the Holy Spirit in my soul, calling me to confess and repent that I might be cleansed like God promised in 1 John 1:9.

That's all I'm going to say for now, at least until I get the chance to read it one or two more times. I'm going to buy several to make available for the folks in my church. You won't regret picking up a copy for yourself.