Lent 2018 - Day 26

Another entry in the Lent diary from my friend who is fasting from food during this season:

Sunday, March 11, 2018                       Day 26 of Lent

            It’s late Sunday night, but I just wanted to add a few things about today.  Saturday and this morning I prayed a bit for the folks that would attend worship this morning.  I did this in part because of a story that Matthew told me about Billy Graham and how he would often be found prior to a crusade, on his face, weeping in prayer for people.  I know I need to pray for that sort of thing, but I don’t do it enough.  So I did. I was surprised at how easily it came.  I’ve prayed for the service before, but it often doesn’t feel like much… I don’t know.  Anyway, I do believe I did feel God’s presence as I prayed for folks who would be at worship.  This week’s message happened to be a pretty good salvation type message anyway, so I hoped.  Then today at worship I was surprised to see two people I’ve had some contact with recently that I hope to see come to faith or really commit themselves to Jesus.  I am not sure how it all went for them. I was not able to catch them before they left, but I am praying.