Lent 2018 - Good Friday

Another entry in the Lent diary from my friend who is fasting from food during this season:

Friday, March 30, 2018                         Good Friday


“Is it nothing to you, all you that pass by? Behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow which is done unto me, wherewith the Lord hath afflicted me.”  -Lamentations 1:12


This verse is in the beginning of the prayer service in the Book of Common Prayer for the Lenten season and it seemed especially fitting today on Good Friday.  Today will be a somber and contemplative day as well as a busy one.  I have many preparations to do for tonight’s worship service, as well as work to do on my Easter Sermon – which is a weird head space to be in as I contemplate the death of Christ to think on preaching the victory of Christ.  I will take some prayer time today to really contemplate the cross of Christ. 


It is strange to think my fasting is coming to an end.  I will break my fast after the Holy Saturday Evening Service, so I have just over a day left.  In some ways, it has really gone by quickly.  I am used to not eating.  As my body ages, I think it has gotten easier physically, which is strange.  Nonetheless, the spiritual aspects are still so helpful and also vary from year to year in what God does.  Last year I felt like a lot of stuff was stripped away.  This year I began with an increasing awareness of my own sin, but I seem to have transitioned into more contemplation and thanksgiving.  For example, last night I had a moment where I was kind of just overcome with God’s grace during a part of our worship where we practiced foot washing.  A parishioner washed my feet and then prayed for me.  Being the person who usually prays for others, when parishioners do this in a heartfelt manner, it is always touching.  There was a sweet spirit in that place, and I was at one of several foot washing stations where folks from our church were practicing what Jesus did.  The Holy Spirit was present and I was just incredibly moved by the whole thing.  I am thankful. 


I will be very thankful Sunday.  We are not there yet, however.  Today we remember the extent to which God the Son so loved us.  Then on Sunday we can celebrate how that love triumphed over all.  Even death itself.