A Weekday Reflection

I'm traveling today to attend a denominational meeting in Hot Springs and I probably won't write about that so I was thinking about something a little different. I usually write a reflection on our time of worship every week and E-mail it to the congregation, so I thought I'd write one about the week and post it here.

  • We had a Capital Campaign meeting on Tuesday night. I continue to pray that God will not only help us financially, but missionally.

  • By that I mean I hope God ignites a passion for making disciples and exalting the name of Jesus during this time.

  • I'm 34 years old. Is that not 30 too many for ear infections? I can't hear a thing!

  • I'll have a link for you on Sunday, but I've been wrestling with the lessons learned from a non-church, non-religious podcast that is probably the most significant message I've heard outside of the gospel.

  • The gist was "If it were a priority it would be done."

  • Boom.

I'm done. I'm going to take some medicine and check out.