I spent the last couple of days in Hot Springs, AR at a gathering for United Methodist clergy and laity to hear from our Imagine Ministries team and to talk about the proposals that they are bringing to the Annual Conference. I'm not going to comment on the content because I was in such pain that I could barely pay attention to most of it, but I want to say that I came away feeling pretty hopeful. The gist of the team and the gathering is that we United Methodists don't want to be a perpetuate a denomination in decline but instead we want to make disciples and be a part of Spirit-led ministries. Part of the conversation was lowering structural barriers to both disciple-making and ministry. As I read Tony Morgan tweet the other day, "Good people using bad systems will never produce good results." I think we all want to align good people with good systems in order to bear good fruit.

It can't be an easy task but I think our Imagine Ministries team is doing a great job. They have done some hard work and have been humble enough to admit that they might not have communicated everything as clearly as they could have and are taking steps to communicate clearly from here on out. I think the last two days proved their commitment to those steps. Kudos to all of them and I look forward to following their lead.